Hey, Mr. or Ms. Busy-Advertiser-on-the-Go, get ready for a sensational new pick-me-up. Now there’s a fast, funny, affordable way to promote your product or service on television, radio or the Web—without spending your arm and your leg on agency-produced spots, without settling
for another crummy local cable production! Introducing Yukmercials
Insta-Spots—ready-to-serve commercials that’ll have your
customers chortling as you laugh all the way to the bank!

    How do we make your insta-spot?

  • A. You pick a spot off our shelf.
  • B. We customize it to your business.
  • 3. You run it exclusively in your area.
  • Click here for an inside look at our proprietary
    Spot-o-matic 2000® manufacturing process.

See our How-We-Make-'Em Video

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